Cyber awareness courses

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Safe use of social media

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Procedures to comply with new regulations

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Humans are the weakest link in the defence against cyber-attack

Our wide range of  TRAINING COURSES  reduce the risk of human error. Our documentation and compliance services meet the requirements for safe practice and compliance with the many new codes and regulations coming into force.

TRAINING - online and classroom courses can be arranged for cyber awareness and bespoke IT & OT cyber security training.

SOCIAL MEDIA - courses on the safe use of social media on-board a vessel can help prevent identity theft, fraud and exposure of personal information.

SIMULATOR - a cyber-attack on any type of vessel can be simulated to train and test the captain and duty watch.

REGULATIONS - EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective in 2018 and cyber security will be included in the IMO’s ISM Safety Code in 2021.

DOCUMENTATION - customised cyber security policies and manuals can be produced to help meet the requirements of the codes and regulations.

COMPLIANCE - reviews, including a formal annual audit, can be carried out to check compliance with the policies, standards and regulations.

We Provide Training Services To

Online & On-board Training

Cyber awareness, IT & OT cyber security training

Social Media Safety

Safe use of social media on-board a vessel


Cyber-attack test on vessel simulator for captain and duty watch

Codes & Regulations

GDPR, IMO Safety Code and others coming into force

Documentation, Compliance

Policies and manuals, compliance reviews, annual audits

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