Protect your yacht from cyber-attack

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Protects IT and OT networks

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Stops malware spreading

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YACHTGUARD™ is a network cyber security platform to protect IT and OT on yachts and superyachts

Our proprietary technology protects the yacht’s IT and Operational Technology. The OT includes control of steering, engines, communications, power, HVAC, cameras which are connected to the vessel’s networks and are vulnerable to cyber-attack. Key Features:

  • Firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection
  • 12 ports for IT and OT network connections
  • Detects and isolates malware
  • Prevents spreading between systems & networks
  • On-board alerts and remote monitoring option
  • Automatic software updates
  • Secure communication option
  • Range of customised services

IT and OT Control

IT and OT are controlled from the bridge

OT Networks

Devices on the OT networks are vulnerable to cyber-attack

Secure Platform

Multi-port platform monitors IT and OT networks
Secure remote connection

Monitor Display

Status of IT and OT devices displayed on monitor


Alarms sound on the vessel and are sent to shore base

Contact us

For all enquiries regarding our cyber attack protection services, including Yachtguard™ and Shipguard™, please contact:

+44 207 873 2413


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